I was not the only one to take a step towards changing my life in 2015.  There were many others who confronted their doubts and fears, taking a bold step to make a change.  And not always for themselves either.

Chris Ward has now compiled 44 of these amazing stories into a single book that is released today!  We're talking about inspiring endurance adventurers like Anna McNuff who spent five months running the length of New Zealand and Sean Conway who completed his Triathlon of the UK this year.  But we're also talking about lesser known but equally inspiring contributors like four year old Thomas Roscoe who is cycling for something he believes in and Neil Vanstone who has opened his very own coffee shop.  It really is a must read book if you're looking to make a change and make a difference in 2016 but lacking the motivation to get started.

And if that's not enough, all the profits are going to the Guardian & Observer Charity Appeal for Refugees so you'll be helping change other people's lives too.

All you need to do now is buy it!


Disclaimer:  I have contributed to this book but am by no means encouraging you to buy it for that reason.