Day 2 and I opt for porridge from oats in a paper bag.  Why can’t all dried grains come wrapped in paper bags?  Lunchtime yesterday was easy, so I decided to go for the same again – homemade soup and my homemade bread.  I was fortunate enough to be invited out for dinner which took out the pain of trying to find a plastic-free meal.

The set of books I ordered the other day arrived which was great, however I was very disappointed to find the cardboard case keeping the set together was wrapped in plastic inside the postal packaging.  This was completely unnecessary, but sadly unavoidable.

I've decided to give my fitness a bit of a kickstart again, but rather than just going for a run, I thought I'd pick up litter along the way.  So today I set off along the beach picking up a few plastic items that had washed up as I went.

Plastic count:

1 x plastic wrapping around a set of books