Day 1 and I realise that I can’t have cereal as it comes in a plastic bag inside the box, plus the milk comes in a plastic bottle.  Luckily I made some bread last night where the only ingredient that used plastic was the lid on top of the yeast.  That’ll have to do for now, but hopefully I can find an alternative.  Lunch was straightforward as I had some homemade soup with ingredients from the garden and more bread, while dinner was far tougher.  A Spanish omelette seemed a good choice with homegrown potatoes, onion (loose), frozen spinach (boxed), sundried tomatoes (glass jar) and a bit of ham hock.  Unfortunately the jar had an unnecessary plastic seal (given it has the anti-tampering button on the lid), and the ham hock did originally come in plastic.

However, I needed to get a new computer mouse so went to the shop only to find they all come in moulded plastic.  Couldn't they come in a cardboard package like my hard drives?

Day 1 Plastic count:

1 x plastic wrapping around the top of a mayonnaise jar

1 x moulded plastic packaging for a computer mouse