Having spent a lot of time in India over the last year I’ve realised how much of a problem single-use plastic actually is.  Even though we have more control of its disposal in the UK, it’s still everywhere.  It is often used out of convenience and laziness, but we just don’t know how to dispose of it properly, ending up in hedgerows and the ocean.  And it a lot of it is completely unnecessary.

I have decided to give up single-use plastic for Lent.  It seems like a good thing to be doing given the amount of unnecessary packaging around, but I’m a little nervous given how ingrained it is in our lives. So, here it goes…

Here’s a few sites that I’ve come across with some great plastic-free living tips:

My plastic free life – A great site of resources with top 100 steps to get started

Pfree - A practical journey in living a life without plastic from people that reduced their year consumption to a single bag full

Tree Hugger – 10 tips to get started

Jarfull – A company that helps you get started to a plastic free life including a starter kit and regular emails with tips and tricks.

Two years of living plastic-free – One Australian’s journey to a plastic free life

So come on.  Join me in a plastic free lent.  It’ll be fun!